Patricia Berube was born in 1963 in St. Louis, Missouri. Her formal art education began in 1982 when she attended Syracuse University until 1986, where Berube earned a BFA in Painting. After graduating from Syracuse and working in New York City, she continued her education at Columbia University where she earned a Master Degree in 1993. Professional work experience with The Museum of Modern Art, The Edward R. Broida Trust, and the Leonard Hutton Gallery enabled her to work directly with fine arts.

Berube’s work is often mixed media. Paintings, drawings, prints and hand-made books are all part of the materials. Taking the human figure as a starting point, Berube’s work investigates the dichotomy between familial relationships and the self. A mother of three, working from current events, history, and personal memory, the artist explores the mixture of emotions that arise in family life. Several of her paintings further explicate on the relationship of a mother and her children; reflecting on the children’s innocence and curiosity.

After the passing of her employer of 15 years, Berube spends much of her time working in her nearby art studio and caring for her family.